2019 TASH Conference has ended
Each year, the TASH Conference brings together our constituents to share resources and success stories, learn about field-driven best practices, and network within a community engaged in shared values. The Conference is attended by passionate leaders, experts, and advocates from every corner of the disability community. Conference attendees are influential in their fields and communities, and play an important role in the provision of services and supports for the millions of individuals and organizations around the world; and include professors and researchers from leading institutions; those involved in local, state, and federal governments and public policy; special and general educators, and school administrators; self-advocates, adult service providers; students, family members, and many others.  This year’s conference theme, Building Diverse and Inclusive Communities, reminds us that equity, opportunity, and inclusion relies on the input of broad perspectives and experiences.

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Cheri Mitchell

GA Advocacy Office
Greater Atlanta Area

I am doing a workshop on Friday the 4th at 3:30 pm called "Segregated into Poverty and the need for supports."  the workshop comes from a very personal place. I have gone from being on social security to working full-time. I will also talk about how you can make that jump. We will discuss what we need to be advocating for. There needs to be support available for people to make that jump. It should not feel like you are jumping off a cliff.

In the exhibit is Inclusive Media, Inc. is a micro-enterprise started by self-advocate, Cheri Mitchell. We put creativity to work. Inclusive Media, Inc. will have several product lines. We are currently featuring Inclusive Media Art with photographs, illustrations, and designs by Cheri Mitchell and Jerome Lawrence available for purchase through links on our website. Our services include public speaking on disability issues, Photo Restore, taking old photos and restoring them, and Painting with Pixels, turning client photos into art. Cheri is working on a number of books to be available on Amazon.com in the year 2021.
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